About Us

Our blog focuses on tech stuff such as computers & components, software, appliances, electronic products, and some really cool tech gear.

I created this site as a resource for people whom are tech enthusiasts, like myself. The aim was to provide everyone, from beginner to expert level knowledge, with authentic content that is intended to give great advice and information related to the tech niche.

The tech world is ever-changing and always evolving, it’s sometimes hard to stay abreast with the latest and greatest products. We take a look at some of this gear and offer you our candid reviews and opinions.

Our Background

My love for technology began when I was a kid. I think my passion for tech rooted from my dad, who was a telephone technician by trade. He always had electronic components and tech books lying around, which caught my eye… and interest.

From playing around with tiny LEDs to RC cars and helicopters, to building PCs, and watching 8-bit video games progress to Xbox and PlayStations, I have always been fascinated by the evolution of technology. I marvel at how technology has impacted our lives for the better, ever continuing to advance and impress us on the element of convenience.

Today, I’m an engineer by profession at one of the largest power plants in the world. I still love getting my hands dirty fiddling with tech though, and through this blog, I intend to use my experience and knowledge to answer common queries and problems that other tech enthusiasts alike have encountered.

I also try my best to keep abreast with trending tech products and topics.

Feel free to peruse our blog of really amazing content!

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